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5 Reasons You Need A Second Photographer At Your Wedding

When selecting a photography package, one of the questions brides ask most is “Do I need a second photographer?” I offer a second photographer as an option in most of my wedding photography packages because having a second photographer can be extremely helpful in capturing all the special moments of your wedding day and keeping the day running as smooth as possible.

Here are 5 reasons you may need a second photographer at your wedding!

1. Get more photos of your guests

While I’m taking family formals and bride and groom photos, the second photographer is most likely grabbing posed and candid shots of your guests while they enjoy cocktail hour. I have my second photographers take on this role because I know how important it is to have a nice shot of all of your guests in good lighting before dancing begins. You’ll love having shots of your family members that came from far away and your college friends who you haven’t seen in a while celebrating your marriage!

2. More points of view

Everyone wants that photo of the groom as his bride walks down the aisle toward him, but how about a photo of dad as he escorts his daughter down the aisle or grandma tearing up in the crowd? With a second photographer, we’re able to capture all of these important moments and not miss a thing. Sometimes the ceremony venue doesn’t allow for much moving around so it’s nice to be able to take photos from two different perspectives. You’ll never regret having them!

Spring Somerset Point Wedding ceremony
Spring Somerset Point Wedding ceremony

3. I can’t be everywhere at once

While I certainly try, I can’t be everywhere on your wedding day all at once. During your reception we can capture things happening on opposite sides of the room, from the bride laughing with her sorority sisters to grandpa cutting a rug on the dance floor. With a second photographer both can be captured and you’ll have more photos of everyone during the party!

4. Have time for more variety

During a wedding day, I often have my second photographer taking photos of the groom and groomsmen while I take photos of the bride and bridesmaids. By splitting up the work load, we have more time to capture these important wedding party portraits and are able to capture a larger variety of images of each group.

5. They provide a backup

While I take a lot of precautions and have a lot of “just in case” gear on me, things can get crazy on a wedding day. If my camera quit working for some reason during your cake cutting or other big wedding moment, a second photographer would be able to step in quickly to capture the moment until I was able to rejoin them.

Belfair Wedding in Bluffton, SC

There are so many great reasons to have a second photographer at your wedding. Get in touch if you’d like to talk about how a second photographer could enhance your wedding day!

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