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Why a Wedding Photographer is Worth the Investment

Hooray! You’re engaged and planning a wedding with your favorite person in the whole wide world! As you’re navigating the sea of wedding planning and planning your budget, you may start to wonder if a wedding photographer is worth the investment. The answer is YES! And I don’t just say that because I’m a wedding photographer and I’m a little biased. 

Here are 3 reasons why a wedding photographer is worth the investment!

Pine Lakes Country Club Wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC

1. Great Photos of Your Expensive Wedding Details

We all know weddings are expensive and you will probably spend a pretty penny on your venue, flowers, dress, food, cake, etc. Why wouldn’t you invest in a wedding photographer to capture it all and capture it all well? 

It would be so incredibly heartbreaking to spend your time and hard earned money on a beautiful wedding day to then get your wedding photos back and well… nothing looks as good as you remember and those beautiful details didn’t photograph great. 

Make sure to choose a photographer who can photograph all of those details you’ve worked so hard on and photograph them well! Every last detail deserves to be photographed in a way you’ll cherish forever. 

wedding at Oldfield River Club

2. Capture Wedding Day Moments You Never Want to Forget

While wedding details are important, your wedding day moments are even more so. Photos of the ceremony, first dance, and cake cutting are essential but what about those in between moments? Your mom tearing up as she helps you into your dress, your groom’s look of joy as you walk down the aisle toward him, or your grandma busting a move on the dance floor. These are all moments you’ll cherish for the rest of your life and the photos will help you remember how you felt in those moments. Investing in a great photographer helps you preserve these memories for generations to come.

3. Someone You Trust

This is arguably the most important. Investing in a wedding photographer you trust to capture your wedding day perfectly in any scenario is invaluable. When you wake up to rain on your wedding day or your timeline is running a bit behind, you want someone who you trust to change course and create beautiful photos regardless. Someone who knows how to overcome less than ideal situations and confidently get your wedding day back on track, while treating you and your family and friends with love and respect. 

You can say, I’m not worried. Cameron’s got it! 😉

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