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What if it rains? Options for your engagement session!

POV, we’ve planned out the perfect engagement session. You have the best outfits, we’ve found the most stunning location, and you’re so excited to finally see it all pan out! BUT there’s a looming storm forecasted for the time of your session. What if it rains on your perfect plan?! 

First and foremost, don’t panic or look at the weather too early. The weather changes so quickly here in Charleston and just because the week ahead looks dreary on Monday, it may be completely different and beautiful by Friday! I always plan to look at the weather for your session 24 hours in advance and we can make a call then. If we need to reschedule, making the call the day before gives you a chance to look at your schedules and rearrange any professional hair and makeup services if you need to. If it does rain the day of your engagement session, there are a few things we can do.

Cypress Gardens engagement photos

So, what if it rains during my engagement session time?

1. Reschedule

In most cases if bad weather is predicted at the time of your session, we will reschedule to another available date or time. This doesn’t always mean we have to find a different day. If your session is scheduled for the afternoon when bad weather is predicted but the morning looks clear, it may be an option to change the time of our session instead of the date. I’m always willing to do what I can to make a reschedule convenient for you!

2. Head for Cover(ed Spaces)!

The City of Charleston has a number of covered spaces and awnings that we can duck under if needed. We may need to change our location for the shoot to make this happen but I promise it will still be beautiful! Spaces such as the porticos of the Custom’s House, the College of Charleston’s Randolph Hall, or Hibernian Hall make beautiful settings for engagement photos along with the gazebos found in many of the area parks!

3. Umbrellas and Plaaaying in the Rain

Over the years, I’ve taken to carrying a couple of clear umbrellas in the trunk of my car for such an occasion. As long as it’s not a total downpour, the umbrellas can allow us to explore your location while taking some whimsical engagement photos in the rain. If you want to go full Notebook, we can also shoot in the rain without them. What’s more romantic than lingering kisses in the rain or more fun than splashing in puddles together?

4. Find an Indoor Option

It may be possible to find an indoor location for our shoot such as a local coffee shop, your favorite bar, or even a hotel lobby. Downtown Charleston has many options for this and most places will allow you to take a few photos there – though I will need to call and confirm with them first!

No matter what the weather is like for your engagement session, it will all work out and your photos will be beautiful! I will work with you to make sure we get photos that you absolutely love whichever route we take ♥️

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