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Elegant Upstairs At Midtown Wedding | Charleston Wedding Photographer

Complete with a gold, sparkler topped cake, metallic decor, and a timeless bridal look Emily and Jared’s Upstairs At Midtown wedding was one classy Charleston soiree.

To start the day, I met Emily and Jared at their separate apartments Downtown where they were getting ready. After a snapping some photos, we headed over to Upstairs At Midtown where guests were starting to arrive and champagne was being poured.

When their ceremony started on the patio, Jared was filled with emotion. As he watched Emily walk down the aisle with her dad he was absolutely beaming and even shed a few tears. I love when men aren’t “too manly” to show emotion! ❤️

Their whole day was so full of love, happiness, and lovely details. Check out some images from their very special day!



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I love downtown Charleston weddings! Need a photographer for yours? Contact me!

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