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5 Things You Should Tell Your Photographer BEFORE Your Wedding Day

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Hello lovely brides and grooms-to-be! Communication is key for your marriage but also for your wedding day and wedding vendors. Your wedding photographer is no exception! We work so closely with you on your wedding day to capture every detail and moment. To help the process run smoothly, there are definitely some things you should let your wedding photographer know BEFORE the big day!

1. Are there any special family dynamics we should be aware of?

This one is huge! You should 100% let us know if there are any divorces or separations, if your parents haven’t talked to each other in 15 years, your grandma and your mom can’t stand each other, etc. No matter what it is, let us know, we’re not here to judge. This is vital, not only during family portraits, but also throughout the day so we can navigate your wedding without creating any awkward moments for the ones your love!

2. Is there anything you or your partner are sensitive about in photos of yourself?

Not only should you let your photographer know about this before your wedding day but also before any pre-wedding photos – like engagement or bridal portraits. While I encourage to love yourself just the way your are, we all have something we’re sensitive about and this is completely natural. Your photographer just wants you to look your best and LOVE your photos! 

3. What’s your rain plan?

This isn’t always something we know ahead of time and that’s fine because a good photographer should always be prepared but, it’s nice to know what the plan is in case of raaaaiiaaaiiinnn on your wedding day.


4. Are there any cultural traditions or special events happening during your ceremony or reception?

Are you breaking the glass or jumping the broom at your ceremony or maybe planting a tree together? Are you having a dollar dance during your reception or is your college mascot making an appearance? Key us in to those things! I like going with the flow as much as anyone but… what time does the flow start exactly?

5. Are there any specific locations, people, or details you HAVE to have photos of?

Your photographer is there to capture your wedding day and the things that are important to YOU! Is there a specific location you want portraits in? Specific people you want portraits of, like your grandparents or your aunt and uncle who live across the country? Are there details that have special significance to you or that you really want to make sure you get great shots of? Most photographers try to get all of these photos anyway but we don’t really know these things are important to you unless you TELL us! 

6. BONUS: Are there any photos that you DO NOT want? 

I’ve never had this request personally but you never know! If there is something you absolutely do not want photos of, you should let us know for sure!

To get answers to these questions, I always send out a thorough questionnaire to my brides and grooms before their wedding day and since I’ve started doing this things have run much more smoothly. This list is by no means exhaustive. If there’s something you think your photographer should know about you, your family, or your wedding day plans, don’t hesitate to tell them! The more prepared we are, the better we can serve you! 

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