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Pro Tips For Your Sparkler Exit

It’s almost the 4th of July and that’s got me thinking about fireworks and sparkler exits. Here in Charleston, sparkler exits are one of the most popular send offs and it’s no secret why. Many couples want those dreamy photos with sparks flying behind them as they walk out of their reception, hand in hand and even share a kiss. I love photographing sparkler send offs but if I’m being honest, they can be a little tricky to capture. That’s why I wanted to share some pro tips for your sparkler exit to give you the absolute best end of the night images!

1. Walk slowly

Walk slowly down the aisle and savor the moment! Sure, it’s exciting to run through the sparkler tunnel but slowing down gives you a chance to see all of your guests and gives your photographer time to get the shot in what can be a difficult lighting situation. Laugh, smile at each other, cheer with your guests, work that grand exit!

2. Stop for a kiss

Everyone wants that dip and kiss photo in the middle of the sparkler tunnel. Make sure you stop before you get to the end of the tunnel and make it a good one! In fact, stop for a few kisses and don’t be afraid to have fun with it. You did just get married after all! 

3. Get the long burning sparklers

Make sure you purchase the long burning sparklers so they don’t burn out before you get to the end of the tunnel (and you have more time to get beautiful sparkler send off photos). These are made specifically for weddings!

4. Purchase enough for each guest to hold two

Consider purchasing enough sparklers for each guest to hold two during your grand exit. This will give more of a glow and help your sparkler exit look “fuller” in photos. 

5. Prepare your guests

Make sure guests are aware that there will be a sparkler send off so they stick around until the end! You can let them know by including it in the programs, placing a sign near the entrance, and having your DJ announce it after the last dance of the evening.  

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