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Helpful Tips For Brides To Be

Newly engaged and wondering how to make your wedding day the best it can be? Here I’ve compiled a few helpful tips for brides to be from my experience as a wedding photographer and as a bride myself. These tips will help to make your wedding day go off without a hitch! 


1. Make a detailed itinerary for your wedding party telling them exactly where they need to be, what time they should be there, and what is expected of them. Things always go more smoothly when everyone is in the loop.

2. Break in your shoes before wedding day. You’ll be on your feet most of the day so you’ll want your shoes to be comfortable. You should also consider a change of shoes for dancing!

Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding Edisto, SC

3. Make sure to schedule more time than you think you need for hair and makeup on the day of the wedding. Time your hair and makeup trials and allow time for delays. It’s better to have a little more time than to run late.

4. Don’t give your photographer a detailed shot list. Definitely include a list of must have family portraits and an itinerary for the day but otherwise, trust them to capture your wedding day. If they have a list of shots they need to check, they may miss out on a really special candid moment.

5. Hire a professional wedding planner or day of coordinator. They are lifesavers and can really take a weight off your shoulders while wedding planning. If anything goes wrong on your wedding day or if it gets rescheduled at the last minute, your wedding planner has your back! You need a planner in your corner!

6. Remember to eat! Have breakfast, make sure to have snacks for everyone while you’re getting ready, and try to grab at least a couple bites during the reception. Also, ask your caterer to box up some food for you to take when your reception ends – you’ll thank me later.

pepper plantation wedding

7. Decide which traditions matter to you and ignore the rest. You don’t have to do the bouquet toss just because it’s traditional. 

Bride and groom in front of bell tower at Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site wedding in Charleston, SC

8. Make a packing list for your wedding day outfits for yourself and your groom. Include EVERYTHING from underwear to your veil. There’s nothing like forgetting an essential piece of your ensemble.

9. Plan to have your ceremony 2 hours before sunset. During this time you’ll have the most gorgeous light for your ceremony and your portraits afterwards.

Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding Edisto, SC

10. Make sure to have a plan B in the event of bad weather or a last minute event postponement. It’s not fun to think about but you’ll have an alternative in place if you need it.

Married friends, leave your own tips for brides to be in the comments below!

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