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Getting Ready Tips For Grooms + Groomsmen

Usually when we talk about getting ready tips, we’re talking to the bride and bridesmaids and the groom gets left out. Often times I’ve found that the groom and groomsmen really don’t know what to expect during their getting ready time. Just like keeping the bride on schedule, keeping the groom on schedule is equally as important. 

Here are a few getting ready tips for grooms and groomsmen to ensure we get all of those special getting ready photos!


1. Location, Location, Location

Just like choosing a spot for the ladies, choose a getting ready location with lots of natural light and with plenty of room for the guys to get ready together. If you’re not having me visit the guys during the getting ready portion of the day, I’ll choose a nice outdoor location during bride and groom photos to capture the groom “mock” putting on his final details. 

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2. Finish All Preliminary Work Before 

The groom and groomsmen should have on their shirts and pants when the photographer arrives. When the photographer arrives, the guys should be finished with any showering and shaving and be ready to put on their ties and jackets.

3. Have Details Ready

The groom’s details should be put together in one spot so that I can photograph his details before he puts them on.

Groom details may include:

  • Shoes 
  • Fun socks (if that’s your thing)
  • Cologne
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie or Bowtie
  • Boutonniere
  • Watch
  • Suspenders 
  • Pocket Square
  • Plus anything sentimental you are using on the wedding day! 
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4. Learn How To Tie Your Bowtie! 

If you’re wearing a not pre-tied bowtie, practice tying it before the wedding day! If you’ve never tied a bow tie, the morning of your wedding day is not the time to learn. I’ve seen so many grooms watching YouTube videos or scrambling to find someone who knows how to tie one and while it can be amusing, it tends to draw away from the time we do have for getting ready photos.

Here’s a video to help you learn how to tie a bowtie!

5. Make sure your pockets are empty! 

The groom and groomsmen should all make sure their front pockets are clear of wallet, phone, keys, etc. Having things in your front pockets can cause distracting bulges in your photos. 

I hope these tips are helpful for grooms-to-be to know what to expect during getting ready photos! Still have questions? Contact me!

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