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Getting Ready Tips For Brides + Bridesmaids

1. Location, Location, Location

Choose a getting ready location with lots of natural light and with plenty of room for everyone to get ready together. Keep an area near the window clear of clutter for putting on your dress!

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2. Your Bridesmaids Should Get Dressed First

Make sure your bridesmaids know to get ready before you put your dress on, that way everyone will look their best in the photos.

3. Have Details Ready

The bride’s details should be put together in one spot so that I can style and photograph them when I arrive.

Bride details may include:

  • Shoes 
  • Rings (all 3)
  • Invitation suite (including addressed envelope)
  • Perfume
  • A nice hanger (for your wedding dress photos)
  • Veil and hair pieces
  • Jewelry
  • Old, new, borrowed, and blue
  • Any gifts
  • Plus anything sentimental you are using on the wedding day! 

4. Use a Crochet Hook to Make Buttoning Easier

Wedding dresses with buttons down the back are so dreamy but can be time consuming and difficult to button. Using a crochet hook can make this job much easier. Add this to your bride kit if you have a lot of buttons on your gown! And if you forget, don’t worry. I always keep one in my camera bag!

5. Make sure to eat!

Make sure everyone eats something before getting into your dresses. Sometimes with all the activity, this very important thing can be forgotten. It will be a while before dinner at the reception and the bride and groom rarely get to eat a full meal.

I hope these tips are helpful for a seamless getting ready experience! Still have questions? Contact me!

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