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How To Email Wedding Vendors Like A Pro

If you’re anything like me, you probably overanalyze every single line in your emails. As I’ve started contacting venues, photographers, and other wedding professionals to plan my wedding the thought of sending an email to inquire about their services overwhelms me. I thought sending emails to my fellow wedding pros would be a piece of cake – boy was I mistaken. The first few emails I sent to venues were ROUGH!

To help you avoid the same headache, I’ve written this post to help you email your wedding pros like a pro. 💪🏼

So how do you email a wedding professional and be taken seriously? But also get all of the information you need? and what do you say when you just want to know their prices?

Here’s a simple email formula you can use for practically any vendor:

Tell them why you’re emailing them. What is it about the vendor that made you want to inquire?

This feels way cheesy but it really helps the vendor know that you took the time to look at their website, actually like what you’re seeing, and didn’t just go straight to their pricing page.

Don’t skimp on the details.

Wedding pros want to know your wedding date, venue (if you have one), and a little about what kind of wedding you want to have. Don’t forget to include some details about yourself and your fiancé!

What services of theirs are you interested in and what is your budget for those services?

Though including your budget seems like a taboo topic, including this piece of information helps the vendor know if they are a good fit for you and allows them to refer you to similar professionals if they are not. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your budget, this is a good place to also ask for a pricing guide.

Following this list will show potential vendors that you care about the pros you hire and you are interested in their business, not just who has the cheapest price.

One last thing – Remember to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS respond to vendors after their initial reply.

Even if you have decided not to work with them, send a polite response saying you have decided to go in a different direction and thanking them for their time. These responses are much more appreciated than you may think – trust me.


Happy Planning!

xoxo Cameron



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