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How To Be a Great Wedding Guest

I love going to weddings as a guest! They’re always so much fun and I am always excited to see how the couple chooses to celebrate their marriage. As a wedding guest, I always try my best to participate in and enjoy the things the the couple has put so much thought into. Here are a few tips to help you be a great wedding guest!

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  1. Stay until the end – couples spend so much time thinking about the experience of their guests from the ceremony to the end of the reception, it’s best to stay until the end of the reception if you can. Most couples will plan a wedding exit which they also put a lot of thought, time, and money into. On a personal note, hardly anyone stayed until the end of our reception and I’m still salty about it over 2 years later so… there’s that. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Dance – If there is dancing at the reception, try to dance to at least 3 songs if you’re able. There’s nothing worse than a bride and groom spending money on a great DJ or band to be the only people dancing.

3. Be positive – no matter what you think about the wedding or if you’re not having a good time, do not complain to the bride and groom. They have most likely spent countless hours thinking about and planning the wedding day – don’t be that person.

4. Respect the professional photographer – This is one of the things I notice most (of course). I know it’s usually not intentional but please think before you jut your phone or ipad in the middle of the ceremony aisle while the bride is walking down it. This doesn’t just bother the photographer but the couple may be disappointed when they get their wedding gallery back and see an iphone in the middle of their important moments.

5. RSVP – Make sure to send in your RSVP and send it in ON TIME! And if you say you’re going to be there, be there. Of course things do happen that we can’t control so if you’re not able to come at the last minute, make sure to notify the couple. Similarly, if you’ve RSVP’d no but are able to come at the last minute, don’t just show up. Contact the couple to let them know and make sure it’s ok. Accurate RSVP numbers have such a big impact over the couples budget, seating, amount of food and drink available, etc.

6. Don’t wear white (unless you’ve been instructed to for some reason) – This should be common knowledge but I still have to say it. I’m always floored when I go to a wedding and someone is wearing all white… especially when it’s the mother of the bride or groom. Even if the couple of honor is not wearing white, just don’t. There are plenty of other colors.

Overall, relax and have a great time! The couple invited you because they love and appreciate you.

Brides and grooms, any other tips for being a great wedding guest that I left out?

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