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Charming Backyard Wedding | Charleston Wedding Photographer

This backyard wedding in Charleston, SC has me swooning. What a perfect way to hold a summer shindig. Megan and Chris sure do have that coastal, casual style which made for a relaxing and truly charming wedding day.

Before the wedding I got to hang out with Chris downtown – what a blast! He and his groomsmen were so comfortable in front of the camera and I loved that they were so completely themselves.

While waiting to see his bride before the first look, Chris asked “Is she beautiful?” and of course, he was speechless. Megan was absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

After groomsmen portraits and a sweet first look downtown, Megan and Chris were married at Chris’s parents home on John’s Island. Talk about stunning!

Tons of florals from their garden, long tapered candles, and quiet hideaways made this backyard wedding feel just like a secret garden.

Here are some of my favorite moments from their wedding day.

Downtown_Charleston_SC_Groom_Wedding_Photography_11 Downtown_Charleston_SC_Groom_Wedding_Photography_6 Downtown_Charleston_SC_Groom_Wedding_Photography_5 Downtown_Charleston_SC_Groom_Wedding_Photography_4 Downtown_Charleston_SC_Groom_Wedding_Photography_9 Downtown_Charleston_SC_Groom_Wedding_Photography_10 Downtown_Charleston_SC_Groom_Wedding_Photography_1 Downtown_Charleston_SC_Groom_Wedding_Photography_13 Downtown_Charleston_SC_First_Look_Wedding_Photography_3 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_3 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_9 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_8 backyard wedding in Charleston, SC bride and groom portraits downtown Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_5 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_7 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_11 Backyard Wedding in Charleston, SC photography reception tablescape Backyard Wedding in Charleston, SC photography reception table flowers Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_39 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_15 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_31 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_32 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_16 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_14 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_12 Backyard Wedding in Charleston, SC photography wedding ceremony Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_21 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_26 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_24 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_23 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_25 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_20 Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_34 Backyard Wedding in Charleston, SC boardwalk photography Backyard Wedding Charleston, SC photography ring bearer Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_27 Backyard Wedding in Charleston, SC ring bearer style Backyard Wedding in Charleston, SC photographer first dance photography Charleston_SC_Backyard_Wedding_Photography_38 Backyard wedding in Charleston, SC toast


Having a backyard wedding? Count me in! Contact me to book your special day.

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